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465 Water Street Wakefield, MA 01880 Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

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Local Arborist & Forestry Supplies

Commercial & Residential Lawn Equipment, lawn tractors, backpack blowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers & Landscape supplies – gas or electric meeting new industry standards.

Years of tree removal and small engine knowledge to support our customer base.

What We Do

Equipment Sales, Parts Sales & Service

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We carry Gas, Electric and Hand tools and supplies for Forestry Industry end users working in the shop or in the field. Chainsaws, Blowers, Ropes, Clips, Harnesses, Climbing and Rigging supplies, select safety apparel and so much more.

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We carry Brand name chainsaws gas or battery powered; with a selection of bars and chains to meet your needs on the job.

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When the days going up in flames stop in and let us help put out the fires on your To-Do list.

Come in and meet us or coming soon check in for a virtual tour of our showroom

Brands and lines sold and supported


Power your business or create and maintain your personal outdoor space and projects with Stihl Power equipment and look into their new quiet Battery powered Equipment. Wide array includes Saws, Blowers, Pressure Washers, Vacuums, Sprayers and more.

Rotary Corporation

Working to meet your parts needs and save you money with quality products from Rotary Corporation.

Residential and Commercial mower parts for service repairs


Quality and price matter in all areas of business see where Stens products can improve cost management in maintaining your equipment.


Years of proven success in the Arborist and Landscape fields and in the forestry industry. While also looking to the future needs of your operation with new products meeting new industry regulations and standards.

We service and support select brands please call to inquire.


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Keith’s Forestry Supplies ands Repairs.

Why Choose us

There has never been a better time to support small business. Years of experience and reputation will be the reason you come through our doors again and again.

  • New Chainsaws and Forestry Equipment
  • OEM and Aftermarket parts sales
  • Repairs on brands sold in our store
  • Hand tools
  • Personalized service
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On the ground and in the air we know how hard you work to get the job done right.

Not all gear is created equal

Helmets and safety gear from Petzl, Kask, Husqvarna, Stihl and more

Chainsaw Lanyards, Saw and tool holders, Swivel blocks, Slide lines, Arborist Blocks and Slings from Teufelberger Sirius, Sterling Atlas, Pelican, Sampson, Yale.

Climbers Harnesses and accessories, spurs, pads, spikes, straps, gaff Guards, Carabiner clips rated for proper weight brands:

Climbing Ropes – 24 Strand, 16 Strand, 12 strand and carry bags common stock items and special orders available

Tree Rigging Gear & Ropes. Crane Slings and Hooks in stock or special order to load specifications requirements.

Beginner climber ready to go kit —- Professional climber ready to go kit

Prusiks, Climbing Pulleys, Mechanical Hitches, Descenders & Ascenders

Variety of Throw lines, weights and cubes or bags you choose

Flip lines, Flip line kits, Lanyards and Lanyard kits,

Hand Saws and Extendable Manual pole saws and pruners, wedges,

Kask, Weaver, Pfanner, Teulfelberger, Kong, Samson, BUCK, Rock Exotica, Silky, Spyder, Petzel, Edelrid, Camp Tree Access, Pelican. Gibbs, Sirius,

Let us know your Favorite Ropes and Gear

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